Thursday, 9 February 2012


Never in my mind that things will turned out this way.Everybody has a tale to tell. This is mine.

Years back, this I who I thought
I will turned out to be.
Sejak darjah 3 lagi my mother dah try halau and sentiasa berceramah on pentingnya masuk SBP. To her, tak masuk SBP you go nowhere. That is actually debatable but who am I to question her. I always want to enter The Malay College Kuala Kangsar (MCKK). Badly. Sampai tahap letak gambar depan meja belajar. I dont really know why but I really wanted to be in that school. I blew my first chance at it. 4A 1B for my UPSR. Tak pandai kan, redha je lah. What really hurts the most it seeing all my schoolmates going to other boarding schools. Khairul Japri went to Sekolah Sultan Alam Shah (SAS), Adleina and Maryam Husna went to Sekolah Tun Fatimah (STF) and others who I dont really remember. So I had to stay at Bandar Sri Damansara for the next 3 years to earn my second chance. SMKBSD2 was quite a wild ride for me, the bad influence the people there. I made a lot  friends there. There are many types of people there some similar to me yet some very different. When my second chance was about to came, I was determined to not let this get away like it did before.Again, MCKK was my target. Still, I applied for MRSM, SBP and *drumroll* RMC. This was influenced by OP Irfan Daniel who was my neighbour. I took a chance and applied everything application there is. Before the results came out, RMC gave a letter for an interview. I had to stay there for 4 days for a medical, IQ, physical test and the final board. Everything went smoothly. 3 from SMKBSD 2 applied for RMC, but only 2 went for the interview. The last night at my stay at RMC, I met OP Ajmal ( then was an A-rep for A-coy). He came in to our room at 2 in the morning ( padahal tengah ambil SPM -.-') and gave us a pep talk. The main point of his talk is life in RMC is hell, if you really want to be in it, be prepared. It scared me a little. When PMR results came out, I didnt ruined it. Thank god. So, i waited patiently for any offer to come. One day, a sunday I remembered, bapak told me to check the mailbox. Surprise surprise two letters came. Without delaying I rip the envelope open, RMC gave and offer and STAR gave me an offer. Happy? yes. Devastated? also because I didnt get MCKK. But I was still grateful. So, when theres two choices, I turn to my family for an answer. Bapak, mama and kakak all voted for STAR (pengaruh Uncle Jim lah ni, tau lah STAROBA tapi takpayah pengaruh orang lain -.-'). In the end, I entered RMC. Why? Because I felt it was the right choice. 2 years there, and a haven't regretted anything yet. Maybe sometimes (masa kena hammerlight) but I think I made the right choice. I did what other schools dont do. I did things that I ever thought I do. Learnt a lot of values. Learnt a lot of new tricks ( tuang especially hehe). Met a lot of new people.Oh I also met you <3.I learnt to be humble. I learnt how does pain feels like.I felt the pride of wearing the yellow lanyard. I learnt how to dress properly not wearing baggy pants that shows your butt line (speaking form experience) I have friends all over the country.Many deeds I owed to the college. Some may say 2 years is not enough but 2 years did something.RMC is a college full of culture and tradition.It is a home of future leaders. Looking back, I knew I made the right choice. Moral of the story is, God never says no to your prayers, he only says yes or have something better reserved.

Letters that came at the same time.
New boy. With ex boy afiq. He rejected due to
 family problems
Eksesais Nasi Mentah 2010

Minutes before my passing out
parade. Senior Putera.

After the passing out
parade. Old Putera.
OP Azriel Aziz