Monday, 13 February 2012


Today RMC is hosting the Bangsar Zone basketball competition. This makes me think about my playing days in RMC. We werent the strongest team in KL nor in SBP but we sure ain't the weakest. RMC basketball team had alot of problems. No coach (until Major Fadil came along in febuary 2011), lack of attention from the college admin, lack of practice but we still try and keep it all together because of the passion for the game. We are also not very experienced. The only friendly we had before our first competition was with neighbours UPNM where we always get kicked in the ass. Our first competition was HKSBP at SBPI Sabak Bernam. We almost entered the second round if it wasnt for the 1 point defeat with Asis. We did have fun bullying the InterSaber infront at their homeground. While others are training hard for the second round, we went to the seaside and had mee rebus (Y) we had fun in the end. Second copetition was the Bangsar zon tournament, We kicked SMK TTDI arse with a 25 point margin but lost to SMK Sri Sentosa and SMK Seri Saujana by 5 point and 7 points respectively. Next game was with HKSBP national champions *drumroll* Sekolah Tun Fatimah. A hard lesson was learnt by my teammates, never underestimate girl power. We keep scores at first but intentionally forget it to reduce the embarrassment. And yes, I fell down hard during the game where Balqish Nasir kicked my leg with i was running with the ball. Then came OP-PP games we were leading at first but we lost due to the sizes of the OP's. There are effing big. Our last game of the year was SP vs NB where seniors came back out of retirement for a one night stand with the juniors. Seniors won that game by 3 points. We also went to seremban for a 3-on-3 competition. I wasnt sure of the date tho, but it was entered by alot of schools namely SDAR, SBPI Selandar, STJ and SMAP Labu. RMC managed to get third place losing to SDAR at the quaterfinals. All in all i miss my playing days and wish to play again in college. To the team this year, goodluck in your tournaments and we wish you cand do far better then us this year.

OP-PP Games. Look at the different in sizes.

Bangsar Zon at SMK Petaling. 

One cheer for RMC in~ OUT.

3-ON-3 tournament in Seremban

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